Cinematic Effect is a low altitude aerial cinematography company that primarily focuses on the film and tv industry but has also been asked to do a variety of other jobs as well.

With the technological advancements made in the last six years, practically anyone can get a drone with a camera in the air; but what actually matters is what you do once you get in the air.

Getting cinematic shots is a skill that must be pursued and perfected everyday; its about planning and executing dynamic framing and movement that will make the most impact. That is why we have invested heavily in the right tools of the trade. We are serious about perfecting our craft and making sure clients have the shots they need to wow their audience.

This company was founded by Judah Rodriguez and was born out of a desire to provide a dynamic and creative approach to shooting aerials. Our team has worked with some amazing filmmakers and loves to travel.

Let us show you what we can do.

Created by Judah Rod Design

We have the capability to fly a number of cameras and lenses such as Sony FS7, RED, Alexa Mini, and Blackmagic.

Judah Rodriguez


Justin ciminero

Gimbal operator